The Ultimate SEMRUSH Review 2019

The SEMRush development team have gone out of their way to focus on the one side/aspect of online marketing and hit it hard.  In this case their aim is to increase Google traffic with help from things like the Google Adwords Research, keyword research and competition analysis.  The SEMRush team were the ones who created the seoquake toolbar for Firefox Mozilla.

Organic Keyword Research

In the screenshot below you can see the keyword on the left and the URL on the right.  It then gives you detailed information about each, which you can obtain via the many Google locations.  Using this information you can see which keywords search terms/phrases are generating high traffic and which ones are a waste of space.


The SEMRush application will show you the keywords with commercial value, or in other words will show you the keywords from their database of eighty eight million which stretches across thirty six million domains.  On the other hand this means that your Analytics data may show that you have more keywords that the SEMRush application will.

The Google US graph shown below is showing site wide traffic from the monthly Google search traffic.  The graph is self explanatory and pretty accurate as far as the data is concerned.  If you were looking to repeat this success for another site then the graph gives you the estimated cost of buying that same amount, and gives you the traffic amount from adverts and the like on Adwords.

Google Adwords Keyword Research

The SEMRush application is a handy little tool for Adwords research.  The image below shows you what the Adwords report looks like.  It is easy to read and formatted with drop down lists for easier navigation.  On the image below you can see how many adverts that Amazon are buying from Google.

semrush screenshot

This is possible with any domain name so that you are able to enter the URLs of your competition to get a snapshot of what they are doing (for your own reference).  If you click on the link for a specific keyword then it opens up further report details such as trends, traffic, competition and will then give you some various suggestions for key-words/terms/phrases and some organic sites rankings for the keyword entered.

Competitor Analysis

Using the competitor analysis component will save you weeks of trial and error marketing.  You can pull the strongest elements of their campaigns and apply it to your site, and you can avoid the weakest sides of their campaigns so that you do not make the same mistakes.  You can also judge your site against your competition so see if their efforts are undermining your own.  The analysis function is as useful as you make it, and with the correct application of its tools, you will be able to push your website ahead of the competition with minimal (relative) spending.

semrush competitor research

SEMRush  lets you conduct competitor analysis on a filter basis on:

  • Advert traffic
  • Ad traffic costs
  • The commercial value of yours and your competitors traffic price
  • Google search engine traffic

Some of the various uses for the SEMRush application are:

  • Identify the keywords with the highest commercial value – You can look at the keyword reports relating to your sites and the sites of your competitors.  You can use this information to get a better view of the keywords with the highest commercial value.  You can also look for new keywords for your site and keywords that have the highest cost per click against their traffic numbers.
  • A tool to help you compile your keyword list – As a person looking to optimise your adverts or website, you should use this tool as yet another opinion on which keywords to use.  This will also allow you to see how much money the keywords (correctly applied) are really worth.
  • This tool will help you find the best places to sell advertising – SEMRush has a Potential Ad Buyers Report.  This finds all the sites that buy advertising with Google Adwords keywords for terms that your site may be naturally ranking for.  When given this information, those advertisers may wish to buy advertising space from yourself.
  • To find you the best places to advertise yourself – SEMRush reports look into the keywords that you are using and bidding on and then shows you a few sites that naturally rank for those terms.  You can then get in touch with the webmasters of those sites and ask them if you can advertise with them directly.  You may even be able to be a content contributor if you feel that you may be able to gain organic traffic via that method.


  • You can analyse Adwords keywords for things such as their ad copy and keyword commercial value –You can do in-depth research on your competition and see their Adwords campaigns, so that you may see which locations they are advertising the heaviest within, the ad copy of their adverts and websites.  If you are looking to buy advertising on a bidding basis, then this tool alone will help you to avoid getting into an unnecessary bidding war with your competitors.
  • Search out keywords that gain traffic but are low cost – There are many relevant low cost and long tailed keywords out there that pull reasonable amounts of traffic.  You can use SEMRush to identify these keywords.  For example if you have paying a lot of money for a popular keyword with 100 hits per day, there may be three lower cost keywords that only get 35 hits per day, but the purchase of those three may be less than the bid price for the more popular keyword.
  • It can help you judge the value of a web property –The valuation charts and traffic charts with SEMRush are good at helping you figure out the commercial value of various web property.  SEMRush lays out the relevant factors for consideration to be taken from a search engine point of view and SEMRush will gather up the largest part of them and lay them out so that they are easy to understand and use.
  • It has many other applications  For example, there is an ups and downs application with lets you see the progress and downfalls of the top one hundred websites, which gives you there losses and gains in the same way as a stock checker.  You can see how they are doing in regard to the cost of their traffic, their search traffic, the number of their adverts, the costs of their adverts, etc.  Its actually not a bad tool if you are thinking of buying stock in one of the top 100 websites.