For Before and After Infections

Malwarebytes is a unique and essential tool that protects your computer from malware and a host of other nasty bugs and annoying popups and toolbars. Malwarebytes can also remove them after your PC gets infected. You should know that every PC running Windows should have a highly-rated Antivirus or Internet Security suite installed, running, and up-to-date. However, Malwarebytes is also an essential tool that can complement your Antivirus of choice. It’s worth noting that you should never install more than one Antivirus on the same PC. Installing two or more antivirus programs can cause conflicts. This can lead to a slower machine that may actually let viruses and other malware in that would have otherwise been stopped. Malwarebytes is not an antivirus program and is designed to work with almost any AV program you choose to use.

So, Why Both?

Antivirus programs do a great job of stopping most viruses from infecting your computer, as well as other bugs called “file infectors”. However, many antivirus programs and even the more premium Internet Security and Complete or Total Protection suites offered by many companies do not always stop other malware from getting installed on your machine. Malwarebytes is designed to work with your current AV to help stop and remove bad files and programs. This includes worms, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, dialers, virus droppers, and other “Potentially Unwanted Programs” (also known as PUPs) that many AV programs fail to detect.

In my years as a technician I have helped many computer users with various problems: the most common being viruses and malware. These users have a slow-running PC, one that’s constantly bombarded with pop-ups, and where browsing the internet is a painful experience with toolbars and advertisements everywhere. The majority of these computer users already had a popular antivirus program or internet security suite installed, running, and up-to-date. In many of these situations, Malwarebytes was able to remove these malicious files and apps and resolve the program. With Malwarebytes installed those same infections were stopped before they happened, or detected shortly after and swiftly squashed.

My Take on Malwarebytes

I’ve used Malwarebytes on all of my personal computers for use and have always recommended it to friends, family, and customers. I honestly feel that Malwarebytes is an essential tool that should be installed on every Windows PC alongside a highly-rated Antivirus or Internet Security suite. I’ve even used a professional edition of Malwarebytes that is designed for use by a technician to help remove malware and speed up computers on customers’ already infected machines. This “Tech Bench” edition uses the very same software and tools available in the free, home edition of Malwarebytes. Yes, an incredible tool such as Malwarebytes is available for completely free–no catch.

A Look at Malwarebytes

Curious before you download it? Take a look at the latest version of Malwarebytes in action so that you see what you’ll actually get.