Long Tail Pro Unbiased Review 2019

Everyone knows that keywords are vital for a good ranking on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing – most of the written content on the internet, despite being informative, is based on certain keywords.

However, few people know just which keywords are popular or even how to formulate them, frustrating their blogging and content marketing efforts time after time.

Long Tail Pro, the best keyword tool on the market, comes in to eliminate this inconvenience to give you the best keywords for better ranking, in addition to a host of other benefits.


What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro keyword research tool allow you to get the best long tail keywords from a single keyword. Effectively, it helps boost your site’s traffic by giving your content a competitive edge for better ranking on search engines.

How does it do this, and how different is it from other keyword finder? Here is a comprehensive overview.

How does Long Tail Pro work?

This program comes with a neat and simple interface featuring a search bar at the top. This search bar allows you to type in single keywords – also known as seeding – and get over 800 relevant and competitive long tail keywords.

The difference between Long Tail Pro and other keyword research tools is that you can seed multiple keywords at a go and get comprehensive and categorized results – this eliminates the trouble of seeding each keyword at a time, which can be painstakingly long.

For people who want to target specific aspects, precision can be achieved using the different filters offered in the software. Filters include:

• Number of local searches for matching keywords

• Number of global searches for matching keywords

• The value of the keywords’ cost per click

• Number of words

It also allows you to fetch other data such as Google and Bing title competition as well as domain availability. After you have types in your keywords, all you need do is click on “Generate” and the software will search and compile all the relevant long tail keywords – this takes 1-2 minutes.

long Tail Pro Working

As mentioned, generated the long tail keywords for the keywords you seed barely takes 3 minutes. It then lists the results, compiling over 800 long tail keywords for each seeded keyword.

However, it goes beyond this to offer comprehensive complementary information such as the number of local and global searches, the average cost per click, and advertiser competition.

All this information is meant to help the user assess the competitive edge of each long tail keyword produced by the software.

The software also lists comprehensive domain names for each keyword, highlighting the ones that are already taken with a red mark and the free ones with a green tick – this comes in handy for small businesses looking to set up a domain.

Long Tail Pro rank checker

Rank checking is also a crucial complementary tool for every keyword tool. Fortunately, Long Tail keywords tool Pro comes with an in-built rank checker that allows you to check the ranking of your domain in any country.

It is very easy and fast to use – just type in your domain’s URL, the keyword you want to check for, and the country of your choice and click “check rank.”

Long Tail Pro Rank Check

The software will then take a minute to assess your rank and give you comprehensive results for ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Long Tail Pro Platinum version – extra conveniences for a better ranking

Long Tail Keyword Pro is considered quite comprehensive and extremely helpful by most content marketers and bloggers, but it also offers extra features that further boost keyword research and ranking – these come with the Long Tail Pro Platinum version.

Like the basic version, the platinum version generates keywords as well as all the additional data. However, it also goes a step further to offer an entirely new and highly efficient feature – the keyword competitiveness value.

This feature allows you to calculate the competitive value of each keyword, generating results ranging from 0 to 100. A smaller number indicates that the level of competition for that keyword is low while a higher number indicates the opposite.

This helps take the confusion out of keyword analysis and allows users to utilize only the keywords with a good competitive edge, significantly increasing their chances of a better ranking on the major search engines.

Benefits offered by Long Tail Pro

There are several keyword too checkers on the internet, but Long Tail Pro takes the bulk of their users, thanks to the benefits and conveniences in offers. They include:

• Compatibility

The Long Tail Pro software can be downloaded and installed on three different devices simultaneously. What’s more, it is compatible with diverse Oss, including Windows, Apple, and Mac. This allows you to work with the software at any time and from anywhere, even when you do not have your computer close by.

• Time saving

Unlike the case with most other seo keyword generator, Long Tail Pro is capable of checking for long tail keywords of more than 5 single keywords simultaneously. All you need to is type in each keyword in the search bar at the top of the interface and press enter – this seeds the keyword and places it pending, allowing you to enter other keywords before clicking “generate.”

This saves a lot of time and effort, as the relevant results are generated together and categorized in a manner that is easy to read.

• Comprehensive keyword comparison

As mentioned, Long Tail Pro does more than just generate long tail keywords, it also makes comprehensive comparisons for aspects such as average cost per click, advertiser competition, and number of local and global searches.

This goes a long way in allowing the user to assess the suitability of the different words and pick the best one for higher traffic flow.

• Quality customer care services

This software comes with very few problems, if any, and it is very easy to use owing to a simple interface and comprehensive user guides. Nonetheless, there is a team of customer care agents always ready to respond to users’ queries and help them accordingly.

This ensures no one is ever stuck using Long Tail Pro for reliability and flawless keyword researching.

• Domain checking

Long Tail Pro is not only ideal for content marketers and bloggers alone, but also for small businesses looking to set up a domain name. This is because the software also lists all the domains for each long tail keyword generated and goes further to highlight the ones that are already in use and those that are available.

• Rank checking

You are also able to check the ranking of your domain for any country on major search engines, thanks to an in-built rank checker. This feature allows you to input your domain name, the long tail keyword and then specify the country for which you want to check ranking and get results for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Comparing Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai – assessing strengths and weaknesses

Long Tail Pro is not the first keywords tool in the market – it came after Market Samurai, an equally popular but slower keyword research tool. However, most people tend to identify with Long Tail Pro while others will vouch for Market Samurai – others simply do not know the best one to go with.

Here is a brief comparison of these two keyword research tools to help determine the ideal one:

• Speed

One of the striking conveniences of Long Tail Pro is that it allows users to type in multiple single keywords and generates long tail keywords for each single keyword simultaneously.

Market Samurai, however, requires that the user look up one keyword and generate the results before looking up other keywords. As such, you have to repeat the same process twice if you are looking for two keywords, taking twice as long and twice as much effort.


• Precision

Long Tail Pro also allows you to apply different filters in your searches, including cost per click and number of searches, among others. This helps to week out the irrelevant information, allowing users to narrow down on a specific keyword without doing a lot of categorization.

Market Samurai, on the other hand, offers comprehensive information, but without the option of filters, leaving the users to identify the most suitable long tail keywords for them.

• Check exact match domains for multiple keywords

Market Samurai, just like Long Tail Pro, will allow you to look up domains for specific keywords – this is, however, done one at a time. Long Tail Pro, on the other hand, compiles all the relevant domains for each generated keyword and highlights the ones that are available and those that are already taken.

This not only saves time, but it also helps people looking to set up domains chart the way forward by looking for available domains.

• Keyword competitiveness value

Market Samurai takes the honor of offering more categories for information pertaining to different keywords, but these are overshadowed by Long Tail Pro Platinum’s keyword Competitiveness value (KC).

This feature compares different long tail keywords and determines their competitiveness, allowing the user to pick the one with the lowest competition and thus enjoy better chances of a higher ranking on major search engines.

A better version

Both Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai will get the job done, but the latter endeavors to eliminate the inconveniences and flows associated with Market Samurai.

To this end, Long Tail Pro offers conveniences such as speed, an easy to use interface, and less effort to look up long tail keywords and analyze their suitability for a better ranking.

To this end, Long Tail Pro can be considered a better and improved version of Market Samurai and its creator, Spencer Haws, admits, “… but in reality I created Long Tail Pro because I was unhappy with Market Samurai, so I specifically created it to improve on the areas that Market Samurai was lacking.”Harnessing the benefits of Long Tail Pro

As mentioned earlier, Long Tail Pro is very easy to use, as it comes with a neat and easy to navigate interface with complementary video and written tutorials to guide users.

To ensure that users are satisfied with the program, Long Tail Pro comes with a 7-day free trial period for new users. Here, you can download the software, install it on your computer, and harness its full features for seven days before paying for it.

What’s more, Long Tail Pro is very affordable as it comes at a one-time fee of only $77 dollars for lifetime access to all the features of the pro version.

The Long Tail Pro Platinum version, on the other hand, comes at an extra cost of $17 per month, in addition to the one-time fee of $77 – users with the pro version only need to upgrade to the platinum version to access the keyword competitiveness features while new users can buy both versions here.


The best Long Tail Pro deal in the market

Spice up your content with the best and most attractive keywords for better ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing – simply buy your very own Long Tail Pro software here. Downloading barely takes a minute and paying for the software is equally fast and secure.

New users can also explore the features of Long Tail Pro and harness its full benefits for a whole week by downloading the free version here. You can start a 10 day free trial version. so you have nothing to lose.



“I have been a content marketer for quite a long time now and I have to admit that I have not come across another keyword tool as helpful and comprehensive as Long Tail Pro.

The pro version was really helpful for me, but I did not know just how many more opportunities I could unlock with the platinum version until I used it. Thank you Long Tail Pro, my content ranks better now.“ – John Johnte

“I had my doubts when buying Long Tail Pro, but that was before I knew the software offers a free 7-days trial period. So I went ahead and installed the program on my desktop, and paying for it was a privilege to me a week after. I now have the program on my tablet and Mac as well – I can improve my blog’s content and my ranking on Google anywhere I go and at any time.” – Gerad

“The whole concept of keywords and long tail SEO was a bit confusing at first and although it is now all on my fingertips, I have to thank Long Tail Pro for helping me learn more about keywords. This software took the hustle out of ordering content – all I have to do is type in a relevant single keyword and am good to go.” – Irene Steffanie

“I have used several keyword research programs in the past, but nothing beats Long Tail Pro. Heck, nothing beats Long Tail Pro Platinum version either.” – Laurre Hauck

“Researching keywords with other keyword analysis tools used to be a hustle, what with the repetitive processes of having to research one keyword at a time. This has all changed with Long Tail Pro, as I can seed as many keywords as I want and get all the relevant results together, categorized in the neatest manner.” – Hillary Winston

“I can safely say that writing content blindly is a big waste of time and money if you do not have the ideal keywords to base the content on. I only rely on Long Tail Pro for all my long tail keywords – I love the fact that it always offers me over 800 options to choose from.” – Dennis Calton

“Long Tail Pro allows me to research all the keywords I wish for a one-time fee of $77. On busy months, I upgrade to the platinum version but I like that I can always drop this subscription when the peak season ends. I know I will be using Long Tail Pro for a long time to come, so long as it goes on boosting my website’s traffic flow.” – Anne Maurice


If You read all my long tail pro review, I convinced that now you’ll know why long tail pro software is the best keyword research tool. and Now it’s your turn. You can explore Long Tail Pro’s features and full benefits for a whole week by downloading the Full version here. So, give Long Tail Pro a try today – remember it’s a 10-day free; no credit card needed trial account so you have nothing to lose.