Must Must Check Coupon & Review – LiquidWeb (2019)

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Is Liquidweb a good web host? LiquidWeb Coupon Code

A short answer will be yes. They have been offering web hosting services since 1997. They have three data centers and running over 1300 web servers. This is one of the largest companies and became the inc5000 fast growing. Within a short period of time, they have become one of the most popular and reputed web hosting services in the world. The company offers high quality and properly managed services to various kinds of entrepreneurs and business organizations. Currently, the company offers services to over 15000 customers in more than 100 different countries across the globe. LiquidWeb Coupon Code

LiquidWeb Coupon Code

LiquidWeb Promo Code

Advantages and benefits. LiquidWeb Promo Code

What are the features provided by them and how they can help your online business? Here are the key advantages of their shared hosting plan:

  • Uses premium quality server hardware.
  • It uses raid-protected disk storage space.
  • Most advanced high speed solid state drive for maximum performance.
  • It includes free cPanel control panel, Fantastico and Softaculous.
  • Come with Sitestudio the 1-clicks website creator software.
  • It offers 99.9% website and network uptime guarantee.
  • Its now with redundant nightly backups.
  • Standard 24/7 after sales and technical support with online live chat.
  • Premium multi home bandwidth.
  • Two free domain name registration.


Security and reliability. According to most of the customers, they offer many innovative and unique features to help you build a good website. Some of the features include MySQL, Python, SSL encryption, ruby on rail and more. The company focuses on redundant nightly backups. Thus, you are always sure about data safety and security. Moreover, the company also provides you with a statistics tool. This way, you can get detailed reports about your website’s traffic status and many other things.

LiquidWeb Coupon Code

They also offer a solid guarantee. Therefore, you always receive all the features for your website. The company does not oversell anything. This is the primary reason that their plans look good value for money. You always receive great quality services and products from the company. Their server speed is much faster than other hosting service providers in the market. Most customers praise and appreciate the exceptional uptime statistics. LiquidWeb Promo Code

Ease of use. They use the advanced WHM and cPanel control panel. This advanced panel comes with many different innovative features. All the tools and resources can be used to manage your files, FTP account, emails, domain names and other features on the server. The interface of the control panel is very easy to use and understand. Thus, you can start managing the web hosting service even without any technical skills or knowledge.

The company’s foremost priority has always been reliability. As mentioned earlier, the company employs 3 advanced, self owned data centers. In addition to this, they only hire skilled and qualified engineers to operate the data centers round the clock. The data centers are designed with redundancy at all levels.

This makes sure customers never experience any crashes or failures in the system. They focus on achieving minimal latency and fast connections around the world. Thus, it uses premium and advanced Tier-1 bandwidth services. And they own one of the most robust and reliable networks in the market.

Customer service. According to our research, they are offering one of the finest customer service sections for all hosts. Our research revealed that just about all customers are satisfied with this web hosting company as well as the single criticism, discovered that their costs are not excessively cheap.

LiquidWeb Coupon Code

They are regarded as rather dependable. Research has been done by us and there are not many customers criticisms. The truth is, from the start, they are constructed among the most powerful standing of internet hosting we’ve found. If you will willingly pay a premium for the best quality with less problems, this is the most suitable choice for your website needs.

According to every reviews on the Internet, the company has always made some sincere efforts to provide exceptional customer service. The customer support staff is well trained and always available to help you out. Currently, they allow around 200 heroic support engineers and focus on a dedicated sonar monitoring division. It corrects, monitors and resolves any problems even before they occur.

LiquidWeb Discount Code

Uptime guarantee. Some minor issues may be associated with network, hardware, application or infrastructure level errors. With heroic support, you are always sure that your website remains in good hands. They provide you with a solid service level agreement to make sure you do not experience any problems. Some key benefits of the SLA include :

  • 30 minute quick hardware replacement guarantee.
  • 100% network uptime guarantee.
  • 30 minute quick initial response guarantee.
  • If the company doesn’t meet any service level commitments, you receive a credit equivalent to 10 times the amount you lost.

Liquidweb review on security. While hiring a web host company, you should make sure that the hardware as well as software is compatible with your servers. Moreover, security is also another major concern. It is very important that you hire a hosting service, which provides secure solution. With this, you are be able to avoid hackers, spam and other online threats.

LiquidWeb Coupon Code

They also provide backups and an excellent antivirus program. It can easily recover any data lost during system crashes. The best part about them is that the company makes sure that private and confidential information of you and your clients will be completely safe and secure. Moreover, it also makes sure that your servers are upgraded on a regular basis. You should always choose a company that focuses on regular software and hardware upgrades.

Liquidweb – our signup experience. LiquidWeb Discount Coupon

Their customer support and technical team are wonderful. But they are subject to downtime and problem once and a while. When service failed, it’s time to reach out for technical support team for assistant. Getting help as quick as possible and get the problem fixed in the first place. There should be no wasting of time to wait for response or reply.

Some terrible company will make your requests waiting for hours or days before they look into it. Isn’t it great if they have people that look into the issue and get it to the right people to solve the problem in first place? This will obviously cut the service response time. This is something we spotted here. They are now with initial response time guarantee. Which mean your request to them will be answered in time frame as promised. The helpdesk email response is 30 minutes and live chat attend time is 59 seconds. Same goes to phone support waiting time is 59 seconds too.

LiquidWeb Discount Coupon

All these are customer support and response time guarantee. They are the first to have such a great feature. From our observation, we really see their improvement. Live chat with support team can be reached out within a few seconds and there is always people answering us. The queue line is very short and there is no long waiting. We love their service quality and we rated their support quality 10 out of 10. LiquidWeb Discount Coupon

Overall user rating. Before hiring a website hosting company, you should consult its past clients and customers. They will be able to give you an idea about the quality of service offered by the company. When it comes to feedback, almost every customer praises and appreciates the company’s services, features and plans. Thus, you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

Conclusion: LiquidWeb Discount Code

If you have been trying to find some good value for money, this will be the best choice. It is the perfect hosting company for your immediate and short term needs. You can enjoy a good shared hosting price with innovative features and exceptional services. This is the perfect company for every professional and business organization.

They offer a wide range of affordable plans. The company gives you a great opportunity to choose suitable plans according to your needs and requirements. With the customer service and features, you will be completely satisfied. You just need to carry out a good research to find a suitable plan. LiquidWeb Discount Code

Basically we love their high quality services that have the highest uptime guarantee. This is a top quality website hosting company and we will continue to host with them. We have compared this with other top 10 dedicated servers in order to find the differences. From our survey, we have learned they are earning this overall score.

LiquidWeb Coupon Code

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