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Kaspersky is one of the recent antivirus software in the market. Just like the predecessor, the 2018 version, 2019 provides computer users with protection for viruses and malware. The antivirus software has been credited with at least 99% virus and malware detection capability which helps protect computer users. With new and advanced features, Kaspersky performs virus and malware scans at faster speeds allowing the computer user to continue using their own computer while the process is underway. The software is also very user-friendly which allows computer amateurs to use it effectively.

– The new version has been identified as effective software in the detection of malware and viruses with 99% efficiency.
– A user-friendly interface allows amateurs to use the software effectively.
– It contains a spam filter and anti-phishing features that any protects personal information present in computers.
– Constant updates make sure that the user is safe with up to date virus protection.
–  The new version contains parental controls where parents can limit what websites their children visit.
– If viruses result in permanent damage to the computer, Kaspersky can easily resurrect the computer and prevent further protection from viruses and malware.

– Kaspersky is not free unlike most antivirus software, therefore, computer users tend to shy away from it
– In order to activate Kaspersky, you should have an active internet connection which can be expensive for those without a connection

Other Important Features:

  • You can use it in PC, MAC, Tablets and latest smartphones.
  • It gives you protection from the latest antivirus and malware attack while connecting external memory cheap or flash drives and while using the internet.
  • The interface is too attractive and full of useful options and shortcuts.
  • PC protection options can be used in PCs of shopping stores, Banks and small business centers.
  • Tablet protection stops the attack on internet threats.
  • If you lost your phone Kaspersky will keep your data and secure your passwords.
  • Great to use in laptops and MAC PCs while using Wi-Fi.
  • Scanning time is minimized and detection capability of unknown and unwanted files is high.
  • Instant automatic scan for downloaded files.
  • Customer care and Forum is always on for the user of Kaspersky.