HostGator Review: Pros, Cons and Speed Test (2019)

Hostgator Review

Hostgator has been consistently rated as one of the top web hosting companies in the past years. The company has maintained its reputation as one of the top web hosting companies even in 2019. Certain features and attributes are what make this web hosting company thick. The company was established in 2004 and has since then provided top quality web hosting service at a very affordable rate. The company provides web hosting service to more than 200 countries across the globe. Hostgator is a shared web hosting company. Hostgator review from users always confirms the quality hosting service obtainable on this platform.


Web Hosting on Hostgator Platform

One of the proofs that Hostgator is a reliable shared hosting company is the massive number of domains that rely on the platform. Presently, the website hosts about 8 million domains. The hosting services on Hostgator platform are applicable to individuals, businesses, and even the Fortune 500 companies. Every shared hosting plan on the platform is accompanied with 99.9% uptime guarantee, money-back guarantee and tons of other juicy features.

Hostgator Hosting Plans

Hostgator offers different web hosting plans that meet user’s hosting and budget need. In this segment of Hostgator review, you will learn about different web hosting plans that the company offers and who will benefit most from each of the hosting plans;

1. Shared Hosting

Hostgator is one of the top shared web hosting service providers. Shared web hosting is the most affordable way to host your business or personal website while enjoying tons of quality hosting features with other users on the shared server.

Hostgator shared web hosting comes in different plans and packages to meet each user’s hosting need and budget. It doesn’t matter how low your budget is, you will find a shared web hosting plan that will grant you quality online visibility affordably.

Who Can Benefit from Hostgator Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is best suited for users who want to host personal website that provide basic information for web visitors. Also, if you’ve been looking for an affordable opportunity to generate online visibility for your small or medium scale business, shared web hosting is a good place to start. You can save $9.94 when you sign up shared hosting plan by using Hostgator coupon codes.


Shared Hosting Plans and Packages

Here’s a review of the different shared web hosting plans and packages offered by Hostgator;

Hatching Plan: This is the most basic and most affordable shared hosting plan on Hostgator platform. Among other juicy hosting features, you will also enjoy Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Shared SSL Certificate, 24/7 Support, 99.9% Uptime, and Money-back Guarantee. However, you can only host one domain when you sign up for the hatching plan.

Baby Plan: Baby plan offers all the features obtainable in hatching plan, plus multiple domain features. Ability to host more than one domain is an additional perk in baby plan that is not obtainable with the hatching plan. Please be remembered to use a Hostgator coupon code to save up to 20% of the hosting cost, you may find a coupon here.

Business Plan: As the name suggests, this Hostgator shared web hosting plan offers hosting features that are best suited for business websites. unlike the previous two plans that come with shared SSL Certificate, the business plan offers FREE Private SSL Certificate & IP in addition to the features found in hatching and baby plan.

2. VPS Web Hosting

Hostgator VPS hosting is Linux based; this simply means greater hosting stability, cost saving and ability to customize codes and applications for your website. VPS simply stands for Virtual Private Server.


VPS web hosting on Hostgator platform is the ultimate bridge between shared and dedicated web hosting. And, it is easy to upgrade when your business website starts to grow. This type of web hosting offers a bit of dedicated server although other users are sharing in the resources of the server.

Who Can Benefit from HostGator VPS Web Hosting?

If your website generates terrific traffic, it would be better to opt for a shared web hosting package that would enable a constant flow of such traffic. In this case a virtual private server that would not be affected by the activities of other domains on the server would be a better choice.

Hostgator VPS hosting plans are available in 7 levels, each higher level offers more features in term of RAM size, disk space, bandwidth and other features.

3: Dedicated Web Hosting

As the name suggests, you have a server or servers dedicated just to your domains. It means all the resources of the server (CPU and other resources) are entirely yours. In the same manner, you will bear all the cost of server maintenance. Traffic to your websites is not interrupted and the integrity of your site can hardly be compromised.

Hostgator VS Other Shared Web Hosting Companies

Compared to other web hosting companies at its level, Hostgator offers one of the most affordable web hosting without compromising quality. Also, the hosting plans cover every user’s financial capacity as well as hosting needs.

Pros and Cons

From this Hostgator review and tons of other reviews from independent websites and users, Hostgator offers a lot of desirable hosting features. However, if desire something more than dedicated hosting (e.g. cloud hosting), you may have to look elsewhere since it is not an area of specialty on Hostgator platform.

Anyone looking to obtain web hosting services affordably can choose from the vast arrays of hosting plans offered by HostGator. This web host has a large customer-base and hosts up to 9,000,000 domains presently. Perhaps their experience in web hosting (a decade experience) plus versatile web hosting services are the major attraction to this web hosting company. Also, their web hosting packages are affordable. They can even get increasingly affordable with HostGator Coupon $9.94 OFF Or 25% OFF.


HostGator usually offers discount coupon codes online in order to lower their web hosting cost more. Right now, HostGator Coupon $9.94 OFF Or 25% OFF is available for individuals and business owners who want to save some dollars on web hosting. So, instead of paying the full price for monthly or yearly plan, you can get $9.94 or 25% off the original hosting cost of any plan or package you choose. The discount is available in form of coupon code which you can copy and enter into the designated space when subscribing for HostGator web hosting.

So, if you’ve never hosted a domain before now and have been desiring to, the discount offer is a great opportunity. Also, if you are not satisfied with the hosting services on your present web hosting platform, you can also take advantage of the discount offer to transfer your domains to HostGator platform.

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Sub domains
  • Unlimited cPanel
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • FREE Site Builder
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Private Name Servers
  • Free Billing System

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