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How to Get Started With HideMyAss VPN?

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HideMyAss Pro VPN – The Best VPN in Market

VPN (Virtual Private Networks)  is a virtual private network that uses the Internet to connect locations, allowing you to connect to a host thousands of miles away from your LAN. There are two common types of  VPN today:  Remote-Access  VPN  and Site-to-Site VPN. Unlike Web Proxy, VPN service works on all applications or protocols and encrypts your IP address with a single click but still ensures safe and high-speed web surfing. Currently,  Hide My Ass is the most prestigious VPN service provider, used by many people, with more than 890 servers, more than 121060 IP addresses in 210 countries.

Some salient features of HMA software! Hide My Ass Pro VPN:

  • HMA software! Pro VPN keeps you anonymous with more than 121060 IP addresses across 210 countries around the world.
  • Providing L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN protocols to help encrypt and secure information.
  • Works on all Internet-connected applications: Skype, web browsing, file sharing, VOIP, instant messaging, online games …
  • Hide My Ass supports many payment methods: Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Bank & Wire Transfer.
  • Works with all devices, operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Linux).
  • HMA! Pro VPN uses high-speed Internet provided by Gigabit speed server, you can download, upload unlimited.
  • Change the location of the national VPN connection easily, quickly.
  • Hide My Ass is committed to providing a safe and secure internet connection service.

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VPNs can be free or you can pay for the service. They help you get on the Internet and assign you a different IP address, but there’s a wide range of reliability in providers. HideMyAss Coupon Code 2019
There are many more advantages to using a personal VPN service over a proxy (usability, security, access to blocked sites).

Use Free Wi-Fi Outside of Your Home. An IP address doesn’t travel with you. So if you simply go to a coffee shop, bookstore or hotel lobby and tap into their Wi-Fi, you will temporarily hide your usual IP address. How so? You’ll be using their network’s IP address for as long as you’re online. HideMyAss Coupon Code 2019
Try it out. First, check your IP address on WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, and then visit any place with free Wi-Fi, log in to their Internet and check it again.
However, if you don’t use a VPN (read below), your Internet activity is at risk of being spied on or intercepted by a bad guy without your knowing it. How likely is that? Who knows! But don’t make online purchases or check your bank account while drinking your Grande Espresso. HideMyAss Coupon Code 2019

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On the 21st July 2015, VPN.ac accused Torguard of stealing their Google Chrome app and actually stealing it in an insecure way. All evidence points to this being correct. We would caution anyone looking to use a VPN to use TorGuard after this, as they not only stole IP from another VPN but did it in a bad and insecure way. Read our article about this here. HideMyAss Promo Code 2019

Since we last reviewed TorGuard a few months ago it has greatly expanded the range of its services, adding many new servers and offering a new OpenVPN Android app, stealth servers for accessing the internet from behind firewalls, SSH tunneling, a free copy of Viscosity software, a router store, and more. HideMyAss Promo Code 2019

We, therefore, decided to have another look at the service, and are generally quite impressed. At its core, TorVPN provides fast no-logs VPN, which is fantastic. It, not the cheapest service out there, but it does throw in a lot of extras that justify the price, so we like it. HideMyAss Promo Code 2019

HidMyAss Discount Coupon 2019

The front page of the TorGuard website advertises three pricing plans, one of which (the ‘Torrent VPN’ plan) does not appear to exist. Instead, there is a Proxy + VPN Bundle package for $11.45 per year. In addition to this TorGuard offers a secure email service.When asked about the ‘TorrentVPN Service’, TorGuard replied ‘This refers to the regular VPN plan at the yearly price. We see how this could lead to some confusion of there being two plans and will update this shortly.’ HidMyAss Discount Coupon 2019

Anonymous BitTorrent Proxy ($5.95 p/m)

Given the focus of TorGuard, this plan is arguably at the heart of its service and is designed to allow people to file-share anonymously with their BitTorrent client (or another program that supports socks5proxies). Whenever using a properly configured client, web traffic is directed to you via an anonymous connection to over 40 proxy IP’s into four different countries. HidMyAss Discount Coupon 2019
Guides are provided for configuring the Vuse and uTorrent /BitTorrent clients, as well as for most popular browsers, Skype and iOS devices. Alternatively, users can download a preconfigured Deluge BitTorrent client.
It should be noted that socks5 is not encrypted by default, so if you are looking to do more than just mask your IP address when BitTorrenting then you should also use VPN (strictly speaking you don’t need to use socks5 when using VPN, but the extra layer of protection is nice, especially if / when your VPN connection drops. HidMyAss Discount Coupon 2019

HideMyAss Black Friday Sale 2019

TorGuard also offers an anonymous email service with secure web-based G/PGP encryption and offshore email storage. The basic service comes with 10Mb of storage and is free, or users can sign up for unlimited storage for $5.33 p/m with quarterly billing, or $4.16 p/m with yearly billing. HideMyAss Black Friday Sale 2019
We gave the service a try, and it all worked great. The only this we will note is that encryption and decryption occur in the browser window, so this cannot be considered true end-to-end encryption. For most purposes, however, it provides a convenient and secure to send and receive encrypted email. HideMyAss Black Friday Sale 2019

Since first reviewing TorGuard it has expanded, and now has servers in 19 counties, including Turkey the Far East, and unusually, Australia (which is great as Australian’s often suffer bad lag issues when using VPN thanks to servers being located a long distance away). You can connect to its servers using the PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN protocols, although if possible we recommend sticking to OpenVPN. HideMyAss Black Friday Sale 2019

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Interestingly, TorGuard offers special ‘stealth’ servers for use in heavily censored places such as China and Iran, and well as SSH tunneling. Both services are free, we will look at them in more detail later. In addition to this, TorGuard generously allows you to connect up to five devices simultaneously and offers a 30 day no quibbles guarantee. If all that wasn’t enough, TorGuard also throws in a free licensed copy of the well-respected VPN softwareViscocity. HideMyAss Cyber Monday Sale

TorGuard is, of course, happy to let you to P2P download, although not from all of its servers (most notably US, UK, Brazil, and Singapore servers). P2P is also banned on HK Servers because these are specially set up as stealth servers for use by those in mainland China.
If you require a dedicated IP and port forwarding then TorGuard is happy to provide this but at a rather hefty $7.99 per month.
All in all, we think this is a pretty good package. There are cheaper services out there, but TorGuard throws in enough extras to justify the price. HideMyAss Cyber Monday Sale
Note that the rest of this review concerns itself with TorGuard’s VPN serviceThe TorGuard website looks great, but finding information can be a bit of a pain, and to access much of it you must register with the website (which is not the same as purchasing a service). The setup guides are compressive, but the FAQ is only useful for beginners to VPN. There is also a ‘knowledgebase’ forum, but this doesn’t format correctly and appears to be out of date. HideMyAss Cyber Monday Sale
One thing that we always like to see on a VPN provider’s website is server status information, which we are glad to see TorGuard provides.

HideMyAdd Offer Code 2019

Customer service is available through Live Chat or a ticket system but no one was ever available for a live chat when we visited the website (but in fairness, we are in different time zones), and response to ticket queries were slow. HideMyAdd Offer Code 2019

TorGuard has an excellent privacy policy, keeping no traffic or downloads logs. Billing information is kept, but as you can pay anonymously using Bitcoins this is not a major problem. The only issue we have is that of jurisdiction, as from the ToS TorGuard appears to be liable to US law, and therefore potentially subject to US copyright enforcement action, NSA National Security Letters, and the like. We asked about this, and received the following reply, HideMyAdd Offer Code 2019
‘TorGuard is a privately owned company with parent ownership based in Nevis [an ex-British tax haven located in the Caribbean] and our current headquarters located in the US. Our legal representation at the moment is comfortable with the current corporate structuring in the US however we wouldn’t hesitate to move all assets internationally should the ground shift beneath our feet. All of the main billing infrastructure, authentication servers, and engineering staff are already located internationally.’ HideMyAdd Offer Code 2019
This sounds reasonably ok, although we are not lawyers. On a technical side, OpenVPN security is either 256-AES or 128-bit Blowfish, which seem to be chosen at random based on which server is connected to. Blowfish servers use 1024-bit RSA key encryption, while AES ones use 2048-bit RSA. It has to be said that in light of NSA decryption efforts, we would prefer to see AES-256 (or even better yet, a NIST cipher) used across the board (and 1024-bit RSA encryption is weaker than previously thought). When questioned, TorGuard had this to say about the matter,
‘I know some may criticize the use of BF throughout our network however they must understand that speed is a big concern of our average user. We do have plans to expand more AES256 connection options as this becomes more popular.’

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Signing up

The signing up process is simple enough, but we don’t like the amount of personal information collected. It is possible to pay anonymously using Bitcoins, however, and there is nothing to prevent you from entering false information (we tried). In addition to Bitcoins, you can pay using credit card, PayPal or OK Pay. HideMyAdd Black Friday Sale 2019

Once you have purchased a package then you will be sent a number of emails detailing all the information required to use the service.

The Windows Client

TorGuard gives you the choice between its own custom ‘TorGuardVPN lite’ client and Viscosity.

The custom client is pretty basic…

… but it gets the job done just fine. You can choose between connection using TCP or UDP(UDP is generally recommended) HideMyAdd Black Friday Sale 2019

Viscosity is similarly easy to use but has some neat extra features, such IPv6 leak protection, and a groovy status graph.