HideMyAss VPN Review: Good, Better or Best? (2019)

Hidemyass is the biggest name for providing internet anonymity to its members with its strong VPN services. Hidemyass offers members to choose from three available plans. These include one month, 6 monthly and yearly plans.
Services offered by all of these plans are the same. They mainly differ in the amount of discount offered. Though Hidemyass is among most expensive providers but it justifies the cost charged with the quality of services it provides.
For users who want to go for long-term plan, for those users 12 months package is recommended. If you have changed your mind within 30 days to change your plan, you can do so under its 20 days money-back guarantee. This money-back guarantee is available for both monthly and yearly plans.

Money back offer adds a factor of security to your purchase by making it risk free. When discounts were reviewed these are found to be 27% for 6 monthly and 43% for one year plan. You see that with increased prices, amount of discount offered is also much more than others.

This makes members buy this product at comparable prices. For the price you pay you can compare it with the services you get. These include 340 VPN servers in 53-countries. You also get the advantage of enjoying anonymity under more than 50,000 IP addresses.

Free Hidemyass Pro-VPN software and unlimited capacity for data transferring are some of the benefits revealed by the Hidemyass review.


Hidemyass review provides details that it covers 591 worldwide servers in 69-countries.nit provides more than 73,000 IP addresses and there is a continuous increase in this number.


Among the protocols are 3 most common ones including L2TP, Open VPN and LLTP protocols. You also get easiness of changing between these three depending upon the device you are using. They carry software for all operating systems and also allow two simultaneous connections, which is a rare feature. This feature provides benefit of using two devices at once. Many free services are also available.


As per Hidemyass review technically Hidemyass offers great service that support all of the major protocols mentioned above and uses 256 bit encryption except for PTPP for which encryption is 128 bit.


Free services offered by Hidemyass indicate their dedication and devotion to anonymity and internet security. One drawback seen is that they keep partial-logs which they hand to authorities upon request.  But this is also safe because of requirements of Sony pose and government requirement.


Customer service by Hidemyass is not available 24/7 but still with good number of days service availability. Their support and community-website is well maintained.

According to Hidemyass review sign-up process is simple and requires only email address & payment. Upon completing sign-up process they guide through links for downloading software on chosen device. Downloading & installation is straight-forward which requires just few minutes.


As per Hidemyass review it supports all operating systems and also has dedicated iOS-app for Apple products. Good speed and customer satisfaction make its review ending with a word “recommended”.


HideMyAss VPN is located in the United Kingdom and this can be a major disadvantage in terms of privacy and anonymity, to begin with. Nevertheless, the VPN offers an impressive network of 870 servers in 320 locations in 200 countries. This provides exceptional flexibility, as far as the connectivity and speed of the connection are concerned.

Up to two simultaneous devices are allowed by HMA VPN, with all the security protocol types supported. PTPP 128-bit encryption is offered, as well as OpenVPN and L2TP 256-bit encryption. Three different plans are provided, according to the features that the users can benefit from. Best value is offered by the Smart-ass plan at $6.55 per month annually.


In addition, the period of full money refund guarantee stretches to a whole month; Bitcoins are accepted as payment option and this adds to the security enhancement, which is undermined by the location of the VPN and the logs kept. Support is reliable as well, with a lot of different alternatives in the hands of the users.

The performance of HMA VPN is overall satisfactory and there is full compatibility for users to enjoy. Had it been located somewhere else, it would have been a solid solution!