Ginger Grammar Checker: Neutral Review 2019

If you are looking for the leading contextual sentence corrector and Grammar Corrector download available on the market today then you should try Ginger Software’s tool.

The software can review complete sentences and using in-built advanced analytics, it applies English Grammar Rules to automatically correct severe spelling and grammatical errors. Ginger’s software is able to achieve this better than its competitors.  It enables users to produce error-free texts, quickly and easily.


Just like having your very own personal English teacher, the sentence corrector improves your text. The Grammar corrector fixes all types of simple and complex grammatical errors, including a punctuation corrector.

If you have used words in the wrong context, the software corrects the words to fit the meaning of the sentence. As you learn more English words, you will find that it’s easy to use words in the incorrect context. The software will revise your usage and make the relevant adjustments to use words properly.

One of the most helpful features of the software is its Text to Speech function.  With this feature, you can learn how to correctly pronounce English words. This will be very important if you are intending on speaking with people, rather than just writing. A confident English speaker with good pronunciation will be a valuable find for any employer.


The Ginger software can be used online and is compatible with the Microsoft suite of products like Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and Firefox. This full integration means you can instantly apply the sentence corrector, based on the in-built grammar rules.

If English is a second language for you, or if you have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, then the Ginger Software Grammar Corrector software is for you. With this software, you will be confident in your writing and speaking skills. The leading edge software can result in up to 95 percent of the common writing errors, for people with dyslexia, being corrected.

The extensive research which has resulted in Ginger’s novel patent-pending technology was developed by a team of natural language–processing experts, statisticians, language specialists, software engineers, educators, and other professionals with vast experience in bringing revolutionary tech products to market.

If you’re living in the countries in South East Asia, such as the Philippines, Malaysia or India, then the better you can speak, write and understand English the more opportunity there will be for you to succeed in business or any other endeavor you may choose.

Ginger Grammar Checker

Understanding English Grammar rules is vital to succeeding in getting ahead and making money in this opportunity-rich world. Imagine being able to get ahead, just because you can write and speak English better than many of your friends.

As more and more western companies outsource jobs to South East Asia, this outsourcing has seen a very large increase in the demand for English as a second language by people seeking jobs in the companies providing outsourced services to Western companies. Multinational companies located all around the world want to hire people that speak both their native tongue and English. The better you are able to understand and communicate in English, the more desirable you become as a potential employee.

Grammar Corrector software is a great help to those who speak English as a second language. It helps to reinforce grammar rules that may not be quite so apparent to non-native English writers. It has a punctuation corrector and a special speech feature that will allow you to hear and understand the proper pronunciation of each word.


Ginger Software is an intelligent spell checker, sentence corrector and English Grammar Corrector that can help everyone who has some knowledge of English, but needs to improve on their grammar. Ginger Software is a worldwide online company that provides grammar checker software as well as a punctuation corrector. They provide a free online grammar corrector and you can also purchase a more complete version of the software. A simple grammar corrector download will install the Microsoft Word compatible software in minutes.

Ginger Software makes proprietary software that is amongst the leading contextual spell and grammar software on the market today. Through extensive research by a team of language experts, they were able to develop an algorithm that can correct common errors in grammar and spelling. Unlike some other spell checkers on the market, this software has some advanced technology built in to detect some of the subtle nuances that are sprinkled throughout the English language.

Just as an English Tutor can help teach you how to properly write a complete sentence, the free Grammar Corrector that is available on the site without the need to download any software, will allow you to put in a sentence and then see if it is correct. With the free sentence corrector, you will see the proper English below your work. If you made an error, it will offer a suggestion. High-lighted words can be clicked on for examples of their proper usage.

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