DreamHost Review: Why it is best? (2019)

As one of the longest established hosting providers online still today (DreamHost was started in 1997 and is still going strong), DreamHost has been able to establish itself as one of the true titans of the hosting industry. With the amount of domains they host well

over 500,000 it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are few companies on the market today that can boast of the same customer loyalty and success as the people behind DreamHost.

Over 60 full time employees as well as numerous support specialists working in different capacities, DreamHost have all of the personnel necessary to make this not only one of the more technologically advanced companies on the market, but also the most user friendly and well supported.

With solution varying from the simplest in nature (domain hosting or email support) to full-fledged dedicated hosting solutions for massive websites, applications, and business, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who offered the same kind of quality and service that DreamHost is able to provide on a day to day, year by year basis.

Types of Hosting Provided (Shared, VPS and Dedicated)

There are three major “tiers” of hosting made available directly from DreamHost, each with their own subsets and specialized offerings inside of those levels. The important thing to remember though is that regardless of the level or service that you need for your perfect business solution, DreamHost is running only the latest and greatest of technologies to make it happen.

types of hosting

DreamHost Shared Hosting Plans

These kinds of plans from DreamHost are perfect for newbies to the online world as well as most small business applications. Priced attractively and friendly on a month to month, quarterly, or “whole hog” annual structure, you’re able to dictate exactly how much you pay and how much value you’re able to get out of each and every single solution.

There are different plans available inside the shared hosting tier of service, and each different level offers little bit different offerings. The first is the most basic solution, one domain and all kinds of other features, while each subsequent jump up adds a little bit more to the plan.

We’ll talk a little bit more about the different add-on features made available to you in a little bit with this DreamHost review, but you should know that not only do they offer the industry standard in benefits and technologies, they also often include the most and highest tech included benefits that other companies charge for in all their packages.


Shared hosting plans are perfect for people who want to sort of get their feet wet in the online world without having to make a massive financial commitment.

You’ll still have all kinds of flexibility and access to run most of the applications and systems that you would be interested in, and the control panel and back end for the hosting solution have been well designed to be as friendly as possible. Read more at DreamHost Shared Hosting page.

DreamHost VPS Hosting Plans

The next step up in your investment (and in technological offerings) would be a VPS hosting solution – or a virtual private server. This kind of solution is right for those that have outgrown the capabilities of a shared hosting solution, but are still not quite ready for the expense and administration that comes with a dedicated server.

Essentially a virtual dedicated server that lives on a shared hosting solution rather than in its own self-contained hardware, you’ll be able to access much greater features, control, and security when you move up to a DreamHost VPS solution. This is because you’ll be the only person on the VPS, and will have complete and total control of the server ecosystem.


This means that technology and tools off limits to you in the shared hosting world will be open and full operational – giving you more flexibility to do exactly what you want with your server.

The other benefit of having a VPS over a dedicate machine is that at any point in time you can create a complete and total backup of the entire operation and save it locally or in the cloud – and should a failure ever happen you’ll be able to get up and running almost instantly without missing a beat. Read more at DreamHost VPS Hosting page.

DreamHost Dedicated Hosting Plans

Shockingly similar to VPS plans (except these are actually physical units and you’ll have to pay a bit more), the benefits of using a dedicate hosting solution from DreamHost are similar to VPS ones – but with even more security.

Your server will be self-contained in its own hardware, meaning you’ll never have to worry about any chance of a security breach. You’ll also have the full run of the system resources and the ecosystem as well, and will be able to handle massive loads of traffic and bandwidth hits that would kill a VPS or shared solution are no sweat to a dedicated machine. Read more at DreamHost Dedicated Hosting page.

DreamHost Web Hosting Features

When you move to a DreamHost account you’ll finally see what VIP hosting treatment is like. The first and most important benefit you’ll receive from being a customer is a dedicated support system that is not only amazingly accurate, incredibly helpful, but is also personal and one on one.

Too many other companies today are looking to cut corners and costs by building online forums or knowledge bases – and while DreamHost leverages those powerful tools as well they haven’t forgotten the most important thing in the tech world is to have personal and expert support when it’s absolutely critical.

The other feature that really stands out from the crowd with DreamHost solutions is the leverage of the highest possible technology for all of their solutions – both hardware and software wise. There are always upgrades happening under the hood, so to speak, to make sure that your online property runs as smooth as humanly possible all the time.

DreamHost Review in Brief

As you can probably already tell by now, while there are other solutions on the marketplace for web hosting, none are able to do what DreamHost is able to do – or offer it at such amazingly low prices. There is a reason they are such a titan of the industry and much beloved by their customer base, and when you make the switch to DreamHost you’ll see exactly what everyone is bragging about. Each and every customer is treated like a VIP at DreamHost – and nothing feels quite like it.