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Cloudways Hosting Black Friday Discount

Cloudways offers a universal solution for those who need a web design, web site development and hosting services. The company has been inactive for many years and has been restored in October 2009. New Cloudways now leads a completely renewed team, which provides everything you need to start a website. That includes web hosting, website management, email hosting, domain registration, e-commerce services, scripts for websites and Internet marketing. Cloudways Black Friday Sale

I was very lucky that I am familiar with one of the top managers of Cloudways, which provided for a free account to test. Surprisingly, all on Cloudways works perfectly. The server is stable and fast boot, support responds instantly to a request in the chat, and a set of additional features is impressive. It is worth noting that Cloudways provides a huge list of services that will help you save money. Cloudways Black Friday Sale

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What good at hosting Cloudways?

Money Back Guarantee at any time

Cloudways great advantage of their “Lifetime Money Back Guarantee”. If you are familiar with the US hosting industry, you know that most companies only provide 30 – 45 days trial period. At Cloudways you can qualify for a full or a proportional refund if you cancel your account at any time payed period. Cloudways Coupon Code

In other words, you do not risk when you buy Cloudways hosting. At any time, when you do not like something in their service, you can simply cancel your hosting account and ask for a refund. This is a big plus! Cloudways Coupon Code

Cloudways – Hosting since 1998

Without a doubt, Cloudways is very young compared to other hosting companies in the United States.However, her youth will not confuse you! The company is headed by a group of industry veterans and from them should only expect an excellent job. I know it sounds a little biased, but I am familiar with one of the top managers Cloudways Paul Buhovko. I am absolutely confident in its ability to be responsible for the development of a huge hosting company. Cloudways Coupon Code

(By the way, Paul is also responsible for the success of FatCow.)

Exclusive offer from Google, Carbonite, VeriSign and RatePoint & Cloudways Coupon Code

Another good thing Cloudways hosting, the company forms partnerships with several industry leaders, including brands like Google and Carbonite. Cloudways users receive many exclusive offers, of which there are several. For example, a 2GB free space for the backup Carbonite (big plus!), 60 days free trial RatePoint (mailing service for Smartresponder type), as well as built-in version of the Google bar for webmasters.

Quality support for customers

Live Chat support is working fine (my last test in March 2012) – I asked several technical questions about Carbonite and refund policies, all the answers to the questions were given professional. I have never experienced the quality of telephone support, therefore, can not comment on the matter. The site Cloudways reported that their support, which took the award Best Support June 2010 based in North America (it happens that unscrupulous companies are hiring Indians, that the people of India to those cheaply provided support by phone, chat, etc. ).. cloudways promo code 2019

Cloudways Cyber Monday Sale 2019

Cloudways = Green Web Hosting

The offset Cloudways is its greenery. Date of centers and offices completely run on clean energy.Thus, you can be sure that your website, which is available on Cloudways leave no carbon dioxide emissions. cloudways promo code 2019

Unlimited Cheap Web Hosting

In addition to all the advantages that I mentioned earlier, there is another huge plus for Cloudways – they are damn cheap! Cloudways offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains per account, free domain for a year (a tiny plus sign) – all for $ 3.50 / month if you buy hosting for 2 years! cloudways promo code 2019

What is fear?

In addition, the company is new, I do not see any significant shortcomings Cloudways. I’m going to test their performance in the next few months, and you will know immediately if something goes wrong. cloudways promo code 2019

Cloudways Black Friday Sale 2019

The greatest “prize” for the price you can get from Cloudways if you sign up for a special promo link $ 3.50 / month . In addition, you will get special bonuses from Cloudways, which are fairly exclusive. cloudways discount coupon 2019

Special Promo Link ($ 3.50 / month): Click to order Cloudways Hosting Now!

Cloudways Promo Code 2019

Here are some reviews that I found on the Internet. cloudways discount coupon 2019

So far so good! “I Cloudways 2 weeks and while there was no problem. I was looking for information about hosting. Did not find the bad reviews on Cloudways network. Cloudways support may seem a little slow, but they are there 24/7, so you do not have to wait until the night of answers usually get answers to my questions within 45 minutes, which is perfect for me great site builder will help those who do not have a clue how to make a website from scratch “.. -. Marnie Lomax from Los Angeles, USA @ October 25, 2009. cloudways discount coupon 2019

Cloudways recommend it. “I found a stable hosting service that supports the main engines for sites with reasonable support is a client for several months and have not had any problems very reliable company For the money you will never get better….” – Maria Lopadon US Washington @ 29 October 2009. cloudways cyber monday sale

Cloudways Discount Coupon 2019

Cloudways Hosting = fast! “I Forum on vbulletin, and he is very greedy for resources! Moved Cloudways on your site, and it works fast. I highly recommend Cloudways for those who need fast web hosting.” – Amazing Australia @ November 24, 2009. cloudways cyber monday sale

We do business on the construction site on Cloudways. “Isaiah of support Cloudways polite, pleasant and competent people. He offered his help in solving many of my questions. Thank you for your good support. This is one reason why we are doing business on the site with Cloudways. When we discovered that the constant online support is always available and polite and yet at the same time competent and useful, we no longer want to deal with companies that provide support by email only. I am very satisfied with the support Cloudways “. – of Zim, Minnisota @ February 16, 2010. cloudways cyber monday sale

Security Question. “After I found out that the company offers in terms of scanning sites, I concluded that Cloudways Hosting for me. And I was not disappointed when paid services. The product SiteLock, which they offer really daily scans my sites for the presence of malware and spam. This gives me the confidence that my sites are safe, and my visitors inspires calm when they see the evidence on site, it was scanned and they can make purchases. For a small business like mine, it is important to security was at a high level. “- Mark Jr. of Texas @ July 20, 2010. cloudways cyber monday sale

I’m happy with my choice! “I like the simplicity of creating a website on Cloudways I can launch a site in one day Supplemental information I quite happy with my choice” -…. Leslie from @ August 17, 2010. cloudways hosting black friday offer

Cloudways Coupon Code 2019

I must admit that I was very pleased by the fact that the site, located on Cloudways works smoothly.And I do not understand why you have to buy another hosting service that offers all the same at a higher price. Yes, the company is relatively new, but do not forget that all users are protected Cloudways Indefinitely money back guarantee . cloudways hosting black friday offer

So, I think, Cloudways web hosting is especially good for those who are looking for affordable web hosting. cloudways hosting black friday offer[/bg_collapse]