Factors to consider before choosing Web Hosting Plan

Undoubtedly, a website is quite an essential element of today’s business marketing as well as applications for personal use. The overall performance and quality of a website largely depend on the choice of its web hosting plan. But how do you get the hosting package that is best for you?

Here are 12 factors that you need to consider while you are choosing a web hosting plan for your website.

  1. Space

Perhaps, the most important element of a web hosting plan is the space that is allotted to your website. Most plans offer space adequate enough for a standard site. However, if you need to build a large website consisting of thousands of pages and a number of scripts, then you need a web hosting package that provides unlimited disk space.

  1. Data transfer

You must opt for a web hosting plan that provides a huge amount of data transfer if you will be needing to receive a large number of visitors to your site every month. In case, you reach the maximum limit of the monthly bandwidth allocated to your website, it will become unavailable for the users for the remaining month, thereby resulting in a considerable loss.

  1. Number of domain names

You will be needing a web hosting plan that provides the option to host multiple separate domains on a single account if you are planning to create many websites. It eliminates the need to create a separate account for each domain name.

  1. Speed

The visitors are likely to feel impatient and move on if it takes more than a few seconds to load. Thus, the loading speed of your website is a significant aspect to evaluate when choosing a web hosting plan. Make sure you gain an insight into the the type of internet connection used by the host and ensure that it is a high-speed one.

Web Hosting Up Time

  1. Flexibility

You may feel the requirement to have a better hosting plan for your website as your online business expands. Make sure you ask whether the hosting package be upgraded easily in terms of space, speed and other features. Also ask about the cost for upgrading as well as the ease with which you can transfer the hosting to another service if required.

  1. Email features

The number of email addresses offered, the file size that can be sent, received or stored on the email server, the options to set up autoresponders, to retrieve emails with your email software, to catch all addresses as well as to create personalized email addresses for your domain name are some key factors you must look out for in a hosting plan. .

  1. Reports

Access to different reports and server logs of a website activity should be included in a web hosting plan. It may help you in the marketing efforts by letting you know what marketing strategies are proving beneficial as well as determine your most popular web pages and the location of potential traffic.

  1. Administrative access

A web developer may play the role of a webmaster, but it is very essential for a website owner to be able to easily make alterations to their website. You need to study the administrative features of a plan, which must include access to an online control panel.

  1. Reliability

It’s very significant to know about the reliability of the hosting plan that you will purchase, especially if you are building a business website. This includes enquiring how long the host has been in business, their data retrieval, and backup systems and uptime. High uptime ensures that you don’t miss any chances to make sales by letting your visitors always connect with your website.


  1. Technical support

It is essential to find out about the convenience and quality of technical support provided before opting for a web hosting plan. Different levels of support are offered by different hosts; while some offer phone support, the others may respond to online or email requests. Some provide time-bound technical support, whereas some are available round the clock.

  1. Extra features

A number of standard features are provided in a web hosting package, along with some that cost additional charges. A full- service plan is always a better option, even if it costs a little more than limited plans. FTP access capabilities for sharing files and software support are some of the features to look for.

  1. Price

Price is an important aspect of a web hosting plan, but it must not be the most important factor. Going with the cheapest or free web hosting package is not always a great idea. The usual price for setting up a site with unlimited add-on domains is $6-8 per month, which may vary for different companies.