With so many features including Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, and Unlimited Domain Hosting, it’s difficult to understand the most important Bluehost Features that matter to you. Sifting through it all here are the 10 most important features to look at before setting up your web hosting account with Bluehost. All this and more for only $6.95/month.

 SSH Access

Most shared hosting providers do not provide SSH access. Period. Bluehost actually does. All you have to do is go through a little screening process for security purposes, then you have full SSH access to your server at Bluehost and the ability to enjoy the benefits that come from having SSH access.

Tons of Email Accounts & Spam Assassin

Bluehost gives you the capabilities to manage more email accounts than you will ever need. If you are running a business then you are going to love Bluehost email services. Host dozens of email accounts and never worry about using up too much disk space. Enjoy the spam protection of SpamAssassin and never get another spam message.

High Server Protection and Security

Let’s understand something here, Web Servers get hacked. And they get hacked frequently. It’s a part of web life. At the same time you can’t always be worrying about whether or not your web server has been hacked. That’s what Bluehost is here for. Let them take care of your server and ensure that it is never hacked. You will find that with Bluehost as long as you are not doing anything outside of their instructions you will never have problems with getting hacked.

The Infamous Cpanel

So many web hosting providers have a problem where they offer great tools, but those tools are either hard to find or hard to use and so they render useless to the end user like you and I. Bluehost Contorl Panel otherwise known as the Cpanel is so easy to use “a caveman can use it.” Can I say that? Anyways, enjoy the ease of use of the Cpanel for managing everything from Email to MySQL databases and everything in between.

One-Click Installs

Forget about having to install things like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or Magento. With a simple click of the mouse using the SimpleScripts tools with Bluehost, you can have these powerful open source applications up and running in less than 5 minutes each. It’s almost a crime that these applications are so easy to install with the new SimpleScripts tools inside Bluehost Cpanel’s.


Video Tutorials Galore

As you get more involved with your Bluehost web server you are going to run into new situations with your web projects where you might have questions. Thankfully the customer service team at Bluehost has created a video tutorial for nearly everything! Have a question on how to do something? Just locate the video tutorials icon on the homepage of your Cpanel and find the right video to help you out.

Amazing Speed and Uptime

Shared web hosting providers are notorious for providing low page load speed and multiple hours of downtime per year. Bluehost engineers have worked hard to provide the highest amount of uptime possible (99.8% to be exact) and incredible page load speeds for a non-dedicated web server. Not sure exactly how they’ve done it. But all I know is that it works and it makes me sleep better at night.

Customer Service Second to None

In the 4 years I have been hosting websites with Bluehost, I have never had not had immediate, attentive, and super helpful customer service. Either by phone or by chat through Bluehost.com you can get in contact of a Tech Support rep at Bluehost and get your problems solved and your questions answered quickly so you can move on to the things more important to you.


100 MySQL Databases

Nowadays most of use run web applications that involve a MySQL database whether it be a content management system like WordPress or an Ecommerce platform like Magento. So a web hosting provider not capable of providing many MySQL databases is a web hosting provider not worth having. Bluehost gives you up to 100 MySQL databases allowing you to essentially run up to 100 high end web applications on one account.